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TheEEView exists to share real-world practical insights into the world of Electronic Engineering by providing the highest quality, practical and engaging content for students and professionals.

A growing number of Engineering students and professionals no longer have the full view of engineering (hardware and software)... TheEEView enables you to invest in yourself (your education) with a cost-effective and flexible solution to upskill as an engineer.
Glenn is the founder and creative mastermind behind TheEEView and has over 10 years of industry experience across a number of sectors including automotive, broadcast, instrumentation, and education. He has worked for several global organizations such as Continental, Blackmagic Design, and Seeing Machines, plus holds a Masters in Microelectronics and a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering from La Trobe University.

Glenn is passionate about keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies, pushing boundaries, and sharing his acquired knowledge. Through using real-world challenging problems, Glenn aims to impart his knowledge in an engaging, authentic, and intuitive way.

The objective of this website is to provide insights into the fine art that is Electronic Engineering providing material to all interested in learning more from the very beginning through to advanced topics and project work via the courses on offer. All are available for purchase individually, please feel free to take any courses of interest!

In addition to the teaching side of things via the courses and blog posts, I also offer services to assist with any contract work, assignments, projects or even explain more thoroughly any concepts within the field of electronic engineering to help the learning process in 1-1 and group tutoring sessions.

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