Digital Electronics and Microcontrollers - Embedded Software Engineering

Digital Electronics is the gateway to the digital world as we know it and at the heart of many of our electronic devices is what is known as a microcontroller. They are simply processors with internal peripherals which interface very nicely to external hardware as we shall see!

PIC 18F8720 Microcontroller

Through taking this course you will be able to understand digital electronics components, microcontrollers, commonly used peripherals and how we communicate to them in programming languages C and C++ which are industry standard. We will also tackle more advanced concepts such as real time operating systems and how we architect such systems which are almost always encountered in industry.

The first 3 topics are available to all free of charge and members gain access to all topics and courses for a single very affordable subscription price, considerably less than the cost of a uni degree!! which is used to continually update and expand the content to ensure it is of the highest quality and just as important, if not more, is always relevant for the upcoming and currently practising Electronic Engineer! :)

Take this course if you want to:

1. Learn how develop embedded systems with Microcontrollers at their core

2. Learn how to effectively program in an embedded environment

3. Learn how to debug embedded systems

What you will learn:

1. Embedded C and Embedded C++

2. Embedded concepts and RTOS's

3. Multithreading concepts

4. How to effectively debug embedded systems, both the code and the surrounding hardware!

Let's start the journey!

Digital Number Representation
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