How it works

TheEEView exists to share real-world practical insights into the world of Electronic Engineering by providing the highest quality, practical and engaging content for students and professionals.

A growing number of Engineering students and professionals no longer have the full view of engineering (hardware and software)... TheEEView enables you to invest in yourself (your education) with a cost-effective and flexible solution to upskill as an engineer.

Our course offerings will include:
- Hardware for Software Engineers
- Analog Electronics: Hardware Engineering (coming soon)
- FPGA's and Digital Signal Processing: FPGA Engineering (coming soon)

TheEEView offers 3 levels of courses for each of our core topics:

Beginner: You've got a little knowledge and experience, but want to start from the basics.

Intermediate: You've got the basics down and are ready to dig deeper.

Advanced: You're all over the basics and want to tackle more complex topics.

Course Delivery

We understand that everyone learns differently, some are happy to work through self-directed modules online independently, whereas others like a little more guidance and discussion. Therefore we have two different delivery methods:

Self-Directed Learning: Our self-directed courses allow you to work through the modules at your own pace.

Guided Learning: Periodically, Glenn will offer guided online seminars for each of the courses, dates will be announced as they are available.

Get in Touch

The easiest way to get in touch is via sending an email to: